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Generally our blog has been a culmination of random pages (which, by the way, apparently don’t send out notifications when posted, so no one even knows we’re posting them…so please, if interested, check out all the things, because they ARE there!)

Anyways, I was thinking about what we could possibly do that could just be a daily sort of routine. I’m not much for “routine” so that’s quite the commitment. But I want you all to brace yourselves, because I think I’ve got it. THE thing that we can try to do daily.

And that thing is giving thanks.

Which should be a daily process, anyways. In going through this last month, which has not necessarily been an easy one, God has really brought the lesson home to me that in everything, we are to give thanks. And not just in the good things: the things we succeed at, our dreams coming true. He literally means that in everything we should give thanks–and that includes the days (or even seasons) when nothing seems to be going in our favor.  There is something about giving thanks that not only throws things back into perspective, but turns the tides by giving attention and glory to those things that actually matter, fostering hope out of faithfulness and victory.  It is meant to be a process, not a rare event.

I suppose, in a typical day, your giving thanks could look like many things. Such as having a job, having friends, catching a break, getting a raise, finding a kitten, or eating ice cream. If it’s an exceptional day maybe you fell in love, got married, had a child, experienced a miracle, or read a book.

Or perhaps your day was not so exceptional and your car broke down, you lost your job, you had a relational difficulty, or you failed miserably at something you had really set your heart on. Regardless, there are thanks to be had in those moments. Such as the fact that you are simply alive, or that now you might be free to pursue your real dreams, or you happen to have just enough money to pay the bills and make it through.

Hey God, thanks.

So today, though it is not necessarily a remarkable day to commemorate on the calendars, I want to begin giving daily thanks. You can join with us in our thankfulness, or read these posts and be encouraged, or get irritated that you’re receiving daily notifications from our blog, delete us and live a life of misery. Sorry in advance, if you’re in that last boat.

So here is to beginning daily thanks:

#1. I am SO thankful today for my job. For some reason I feel fuzzy and warm inside when I think about what I do and how I got here. Also, I am thankful for fall and pumpkin spice lattes, which fill my heart with unexplainable joy and butterflies, for no reason whatsoever.

#2. I am also thankful that today my husband tried to make me a homemade cappuccino with half and half, the microwave, and a whisk, which was mostly just coffee with a lot of creamer. BUT STILL AMAZING, and definitely earning an A for effort–whisking something in a coffee mug is hard work.

#3. Today is Friday. I get off work at 4, and I get to sleep in tomorrow.

#4. I am going to the gym tonight, after not having gone in 2 weeks out of busyness. I’m sure I will regret that in the moment, but will rejoice in the aftermath.

#5. I love my husband, and even in the chaos and difficulty of this last month, I rest assured that everything is going to be more than okay, it is going to be remarkable.

And thus begins this perpetual  journey of thankfulness.