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I’ve decided that it’s much more fun to do more than one a day.  Five just sounds more productive.

1)  This morning, small children put doughnuts on me while I slept.  Initially, when I realized that what I was grabbing off my legs were squishy, crumbling doughnuts, I was not necessarily thankful–doughnut crumbs in my bed just don’t really do it for me.  However, I’m kind of excited that it happened because it’s funny.   Weirdly, I’m thankful for small children who put doughnuts on me, although not necessarily thankful for doughnuts, which I hate eating.

2) Today it allllmost looks like it might rain, maybe.  That is good, because I like rain, and it makes me feel like my creative juices are really flowing.  Bring it on, weather. I’m thankful for you.

3) There are several hours of peace and quiet I will be able to have this afternoon to drink my coffee, spend some time with God, and then write (which I have been dying to do for the past four days.  Thank. You. Finally.)

4) I am truly thankful for what the future holds.  Although slightly intimidating, it’s almost as if I can see the edges beginning to form around the opportunities we will be given and the doors that will open to us.  I’m thankful for the fact that there are an unlimited number of ways for our lives to unfold, and endless possibilities by which our dreams can take root and grow.

5) It is amazing to stop and consider the power of choice you have, everyday.  I’m pretty thankful for the fact that I get to choose the way I approach everything, and for the fact that I am always a powerful person, regardless of circumstance.  All of that being said, one of the most powerful choices a person can probably make daily is to approach every situation with faith.  So faith is, ultimately, what I guess I’m most thankful for today.