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The last two days I have been quite awful at posting daily thanks…. As in, I didn’t even do it at all.


I will have to pay penance and throw a couple extra in the mix of today’s.

For two days ago, which was the 29th:

1) On this day, I got to see my family and Tron shot trap for the first time with my uncles and cousins, while my mother anxiously pulled out her hair due to that being the first time Tron had shot a gun. I don’t know if she was worried he wouldn’t know which way to point the gun or if it would implode in his hands out of the sheer desire to prove her anxiety correct, but I was pretty thankful for over-anxious mothers and getting to spend time with family.

2) This was also the day of the season premiere for Once Upon a Time. I don’t think there is anything else I need to say about that.


1) I felt so incredibly inspired that I developed a new character for my book and added a multitude of new things to one of my chapters. I am SO thankful for the beauty of creativity and the unlimited potential to create something amazing where, once, nothing existed.

2) I was very thankful for my husband, who made me breakfast for dinner, even though the hash browns were so salty they made me cough (and I am usually very thankful for salt and appreciate it in abundance). I am thankful for a husband who wants to do things for me, and does them with zeal.

Annnnnd….. Today!

1) My husband drove me to work. That is very nice and unusual. Thank you, husband Tron.

2) Today, I am wearing my favorite scarf because it managed to be cold enough. Yes, and amen. Thank you. Thank you.

3) Lately, I feel like my brain won’t turn off regarding this book and all the characters and the story development. I literally feel blessed with creative energy and drive. It’s pretty amazing.

4) I am truly inspired and awed by the love, compassion and positivity that some of my consumers (and my co-workers) have for life, and serving others. It is encouraging, courageous and game-changing. It challenges me to change my perspective and be truly appreciative for the multitude of ideas and giftings I may never have or understand fully in my own lifespan.

5) I am thankful, today, for our government. Though I may not necessarily agree with much of what is going on or how they are executing policy, these are the leaders of our nation, and they are the figureheads for lasting change in the political climate. I am thankful that they are in positions to influence true change in government, and I am SO thankful for the ability to bless them in such a way that they can be influenced by the kingdom of heaven. I am hopeful and expectant that we will see God work through these leaders.