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So, Hillary challenged me to do the 30 day word challenge she is doing where you write a short “whatever” based on a one word prompt for that day. I have gladly taken up the challenge, so for the next 30 days I will be posting whatever random thing my brain spits out based on the following words:

beginning. accusation. restless. snowflake. haze. flame. formal. companion. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. wind. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. sunset. mad. thousand. outside. winter. diamond. letters. promise. simple. future.

It should be fun 😉 And if you like to write, or just to engage yourself in random spurts of creativity, you should do it, too!

This is for yesterday, Day One: Beginnings

The first beginning started at the back of his mouth.

Wisdom suggested he hide it just behind his very last tooth, which he laughed kindly at and said would be too easy to find.

“It must be somewhere hidden, but not so hidden it cannot be found if one is brave enough to seek it. Besides, that is not the origin, but these teeth I will bless and they will bear your name. It will be a sign for the ones who will come seeking after the Beginning, if they care to find meaning in design.”

Wisdom was very pleased, which He knew because music of joy and delight swelled in the Great Expanse.

“How will they know it is the Beginning when they see it?” A symphony of voices carried across the waters.

“It will take them a great while, but it is not impossible.” His voice boomed and the waters rose up to meet Him like a bowl. “They will not know it by sight, but by its sound.”

The waters folded into one another, orbs of light in lilac fields dancing against beyond and back.

Wisdom called from above, overseeing the scene unfold.

“And were they to hear it, how shall they arrive at it? Surely their feet cannot wander into the Great Expanse. The cannot climb into your mouth!”

His laughter boomed into the cavernous halls of the cathedral, draped in gauzy constellations, and leapt forward through the gates into the Expanse.

“It will not be hard to hear if they are eager to listen. And you shall be there to guide their feet, until they have Arrived.”

“But where you will place the Beginning for them to find? They cannot see what they can only hear! They cannot hear what has only once sounded!” The choir exclaimed in harmonious praise, bells chiming in the waves and wind.

His voice boomed across the deep in answer, and the night began to glow orange and iridescent in the cosmos. “It will echo for all eternity. They will know it by sound, not by sight, for they cannot come into my lungs anymore than they can dig into my vocal chords; they cannot climb upon my smile or build a tower unto the heavens. They will even name it after a sound when they do not know what to call it! It will appear to them from a point, the point of their Beginning, and they will have to transcend their eyes and ears to hear the sound at the source.”

Shouts erupted in the darkness, shouts that caught fire against the black. Illustrious song burst forth and there was dancing and gladness to herald His words.

Wisdom bowed her head in consent, acknowledging the journey to come.

“It is beautiful,” she sang, her voice an ointment that spilled into the waters below and gleamed in the luminescence.

“And what is the sound that will echo in all eternity?” Lightly did her words skip upon the stars.

“My voice.” He said, and with a breath that held all breath, He began.