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Day 10:  Silver

Silver, brings the morning light,
Between your strands of hair, in grace.
It did not always hover there,
With silver lining down your face.

Silver, tarnished ring and vow,
With care and aging on your hand.
No mind can know what supple love,
Embraced within that silver band.

Silver, waxing moon and stars,
And frost! That creeps on window panes.
Insurgent beauty blooming soft,
Fades silver as the night’s moon wanes.

Silver, molten in your eyes,
That years can neither dim nor take.
Instead, enhanced and strong they shine,
The sheen atop a silver lake.

Silver, like the jewels you wear,
With regal bearing on your skin.
Affluent poise has never known
It’s likeness in a silver pin.

Silver, mirrors drink of your youth,
Yet do not show you it, in kind.
The glass reflects the touch of age,
But silver, bright, is in your mind.

Silver, wisdom visits me.
Her voice is hidden in your speech.
She flows, unfurling, from your lungs,
The silver lining in your reach.

Silver, tears that cup my eyes.
And clouds that linger, hovering.
Whence sun comes not, but sorrow flies,
As we stand, silver, burying.

Silver, brings the morning light.
I wish it could be brought, again.