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Dear, beloved swan,
Awaken love from slumber deep,
Arise, for morning light has come
And laid it’s doorway at your feet.

Arise, your knightly prince has come,
Astride a gleaming steed of stars.
Your plumage blooms in heavy folds,
With petals soft, bereft of scars.

No dream of old, nor one of new
As sweet as this, awakened life.
For He has claimed His waiting one,
His lost beloved, and His wife.

As golden raiments grace your brow,
And trumpets sound to slash the night,
To leave their mark upon the dead,
You must awaken!
And take flight.

Wings were formed within the womb,
Wings soldered, softly, with His gaze,
Wings that waited, while you slept,
Wings that trembled in His praise,
Unfurling, fast! Upon the wind,
Upon the light, atop the rays–
Of sunlight, streaming, from His throne,
To lead you far beyond your days.

For you have waited, dearest swan,
And bid your time in patience, sweet.
You have been sleeping far too long,
As shadows formed beneath your feet.

The sun was rising all this time,
As you were dreaming through the years,
While you became the rising dawn,
And put to bed your youthful fears.

At last, this lengthy sleep is done,
For purpose stirs within your breast,
To wholly fill your tender lungs
Which formed, so slowly, in your chest.

With melodious song, arise.
Awaken love unto its rite!
To tuck away the glowing moon,
And bid goodbye the grips of night.

For dreams of old have come and gone.
Oh swan, your waiting finally done.
You have been beckoned to the sky,
Transfiguration has begun.