Introducing: Hillary Dodson

This is Hillary.
This is Hillary.

Besides being a bloody, bad-ass, photo-shopping genius, she is also smoking hot.

She is skilled at many things – such as sewing, making chicken soup, petting animals, and photo-shopping pictures like this:

 Or this.  

  Hillary at 107

    Or this.

Which is obvious proof that all of her time spent photo-shopping every other picture of me on Facebook to look somewhat attractive is well worth it.

More importantly than even that, she is a musician with the sickest beats around.

I mean that literally. She is probably the most talented person I’ve been blessed to be introduced to, let alone be privileged enough to have in close friendship. When I have no life and I’m bored and all alone at my house, I know that I can call Hillary and she comes over and we basically just sit at my house together, which is obviously better than sitting at my house alone. Anyways, we eat ice cream and write stories and watch Pretty Little Liars on Wednesday nights.

And she has more talent than most of the horrible popular musicians we see today.

Hillary does it all – vocals, basically any instrument you can think of, mixing and recording songs in the bathroom because it has better sound, doing her own harmonies, writing her own music, making her own music videos and whistling.

And best of all, she does it in complete humility. Did I mention that she loves Jesus? Oh yeah – that’s the most important thing about her.

And even if, in some sad, judgmental mishap, you are reading this and thinking, “OH… never mind with her then. I don’t buy the Jesus thing,” I implore you to listen to her songs. Aside from the fact that Jesus is amazing, Hillary is too. And even the skeptic can’t disprove or ignore genuine talent.

So, for your pleasure and pure enjoyment –

INTRODUCING: Hillary Dodson.

cover of Sufan Stevens: all vocals, imagery, mixing and instrumentals done by Hillary

One of her original songs, called Joy.

cover of Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

Royalty, an original song.

And, although this is just a video recording done in church, if you watch this all the way through you’ll probably be crying by the end in sheer amazement and joy.  Listening to her sing like this literally give me chills and I cry.

O, Holy Night

After hearing some samples of her music, here’s what you need to do.  I’m trying to help promote her because she would never do something like this for herself.  While she may not want to be the next Lil’ Wayne (although she can rap… if you guys want a special rap song recorded and put up, I’m gunna need some comments and love to persuade her to do so, so bring it on)  I think it would be a terrible waste for the world not to hear her amazing talent. So take this poll below and, if you want to help the process, share this page, spread the word, contact me to let her know if you have recording opportunities, or if you would like to find a way to help make recording her own album possible.

And most importantly of all, enjoy!


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