The Plight of Someday

I waited for a Someday, once.

But Someday never came.

He called to say that he was ill,
That typhoid was to blame.

He kindly took condolences,
As nicely as I meant,

But then he couldn’t come again:
He had to pay the rent.

Of course, I understood.
You see, I let him off the hook.

I sent him letters from my home,
Some spare change, and a book.

I knew that he would make it work,
That Someday would come through,

But he rescheduled yet again,
This time, he had the flu.

I sent some medication
And I sat at home to wait,

For surely, Someday would arrive,
And he would not be late.

We had these plans, Someday and I,
Remarkable and true,

Together, we dreamt many dreams,
As good friends always do.

But he called, again, to cancel,
Like he had always done before.

He had a meeting to attend,
He didn’t say what for.

Still, I knew that he would make it,
We would go, just like our plan,

But then I received a letter –
He delayed his trip, again.

And then his car broke down;
He had to pay for the repair.

He couldn’t take the time off work;
There was no time to spare.

His country started fighting
And he had to go war.

His mother wouldn’t let him come;
She locked his bedroom door.

His deadlines were just crazy –
and he simply had no time.

And when he finally took a break,
He didn’t have a dime.

And years went on and on and ON.
I whiled them away.

I grew old and waited still,
And then I met Today.

He saw me waiting, all alone,
Like many times before,

He asked me why I always sat,
What I was waiting for.

I told him I was waiting there
For Someday to arrive.

He said, “It seems you have forgotten
what it is to be ALIVE!

“Someday will not come.
Not in a day, not in a year.

His nature will not let it be,
He’s always there, not here.

If Someday’s who you’re waiting for
You’ll wait until you’re dead.

Why don’t you pack up all your bags,
And come with me, instead?”

And so I did.




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